Sur Vs Asur

Sur vs Asur Poster I

This story is about a young Boy, Aadarsh. One night Aadarsh falls asleep while studying for his music history exam. In his dreams, along with his sister Nidhi, he enters a strange new world of music and encounters interesting personalities at every step of the way. Caught in a war between the Sur and the Asur, the Asur forces led by the evil chieftain, Velcrow. Adarsh & Nidhi are desperate to wake up & return home. It is a story about adventure, friendship, struggle and celebration.The play includes set pieces featuring world famous musical greats. The line-up includes baul singer Lalan Fakir, Singer and Activist Mariam Makeba of South Africa, Cuben-American salsa performer Celia Cruz and Famous soprano singer Rosa Ponselle.

Cast & Crew

Written By Saurabh Nayyar
Music By Shridhar Nagraj

Directed By Avneesh Mishra

Cast:- Saurabh Nayyar, Niketa Saraf, Roshan Shetty, Dhwani Dhatt, Monika Mishra, Ananya Purkayastha,Ashima Mahajan, Vandana Bhushan, Pankaj Dixit, Kush Jobanputra, Nishil Kamalan, Bhagyesh Patil, Rohit Das, Sheena Thakur, Shubhin Kant, Ameya Ghule,