Teesveen Shatabdi

Teesvein Shatabdi I

Shri Badal Sircar wrote this play in the Sixties in Bengali. The Hindi translation is by Ramgopal Bajaj. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shook the entire human race and is an incident that will remain etched in our memory forever. The aftermath was beyond human comprehension and left the century dazed. It was an inhuman and unforgiving act; a slap on the face of humankind. An unforgettable incident in the annals of world history indeed. Today, the world has that kind of destructive power, a million times multiplied. Even if we ignore the rest of the world, if we have nuclear weapons, so does our neighbor, making this play contemporary even now.

Who were the people who invented such dangerous weapons? Who were the people who decided the targets for these bombs? Who were the people who carried the bombs to their targets? What were their feelings? And who were the people who became the victims of such an inhuman attack? The victims were not only the people living there, but also those generations, who are yet to come. Teesveen Shatabdi faces and deals with all these questions and many more.

Cast & Crew

Writer : Badal Sircar

Direction : Avneesh Mishra

Cast : Tom Alter, Sudhir Pande, Anita Kulkarni, Shashi Bhushan Chaturvedi, Jaswinder Singh/Amit Sial/Errol Rodrigues, Rajesh Tripathi, Sabyasachi Misra, Monika Mishra, Vistar Gilani/ Ashok deb