The Great Raja Master

The Great Raja Master I

The Great Raja Master Drama Company is about Raja Master who is a tailor Master by profession. Not only is Tailoring his profession, but it is also his legacy handed down to him by his Father and Grand-father and his tailoring shop is more than 60 years in the business. However, Raja Master has noticed that off-late his tailoring shop is not doing too well and the clientele has dropped for various reasons. In a flash of inspiration he decides that The Great Raja Master Tailor Company will now become The Great Raja Master Drama Company. This Drama Company will also give vent to the Creative streak within him, long suppressed by his father. And Raja Master decides that the Tailor Masters working for him are good enough to act for his Drama Company. Now what happens on opening night of the first play production of The Great Raja Master Drama Company is what this play is all about. The mishaps and the Comedy that happen as the Tailor masters try to put up a Professional piece of Drama and miserably fail in doing so and finally put paid to the Creative aspirations of Raja Master. The sense of fun and comedy in this play is heightened by the fact that this play is a total musical with many songs using the folk form of Nautanki. This play employs the form of a play within a play and finally ends with Raja Master realizing doing a Play is not all easy and he was better off in his Tailoring Profession.

Cast & Crew

Written by Dinesh Bharti
Music – Amod Bhatt
Nautanki Song – Amit Dixit
Additional Song – Manish J Tipu & Narottam Bain

Directed by Avneesh Mishra

Cast- Hemant Pandey, Narottam Bain, Rana Pratap Sengar, Shashi Bhushan Chaturvedi, Nirmala J Chandra, Kritika Pande, Vipin Heero, Neelam Gheewala, Monika Mishra, Anoop Kumar Sharma, Roshan Shetty, Pankaj Dixit, Errol Rodrigues