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Rangshila's 'Parados To Stage' presents 'Manto Ko Hazir Nazir Mankar' 

Humanity has become a treasured aspect in the hearts of many a man. Stepping on the roads laid by poor laborers, snatching the faith of women, and exploiting little children - man stands yet tall and firm, living a life defined by arbit caveats and borders. Towns that swallow the deprived; governments that curb public pain by pawns; people who see the sun, but refuse to acknowledge the shadow - black bars are being built on our eyes. The society is being wired neither to hear, nor to feel; forced to crawl the ground without a shriek. 
The acts today sew the threads above are contemporary even today, as a humble attempt to recreate the world of a name that today stands synonymous to classic Urdu literature, Saadat Hasan Manto – Manto ko haazir naazir maankar!
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Manto Ko Hazir Nazir Mankar

Date & Time

26 May 2017; 8 PM


The Cuckoo Club,Bandra,Mumbai

Recent Work

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A still from 'Unhen Kuch Kehna Hai' performed at Kala Ghoda Festival 2016

Intense performance on stage during 'Teesveen Shatabdi'

Iconic Tom Altar in a quirky mood during rehearsals of 'Teesveen Shatabdi'

The conversations get more interesting during rehearsals

Veteran Theatre Artist Suneel Sinha during a script reading session

Fun on stage at 'The Great Raja Master Drama Company'

A comedy riot on stage with 'Refund' performed at IIT Bombay

Well renowned artist Hemant Pandey at his best on stage

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