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About The Workshop

Good news for aspirant actors. After many successful batches of advanced level acting workshop program, Rangshila is starting its fresh summer batches of Parados to Stage.

The advanced level program is a production oriented workshop program, means at the end of the workshop we stage a play with the participants.

We at Rangshila are inviting all aspiring actors and newbies to "Parados to Stage" ('Parados' a Greek word meaning 'The side entrance to the stage used by the actors during a performance'), our Theatre Based Acting Workshop, a stupendous platform focusing on the nitty-gritty of major techniques of Theatre and Acting. Our two-month long syllabus has been designed by a coterie of Theatre professionals from reputed institutes like NSD, BNA & FTII. The workshop will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will be utilized to train the participants about the nitty-gritty of theatre. The second phase will be utilized in the rehearsal process. At the end of the second phase Rangshila will stage a performance with each and every participant in front of a good number of theatre critics.

The syllabus has been prepared by experts from NSD, New Delhi and BNA, Lucknow. It explores major theatre techniques viz:

1) Physical Excercise,

2) Voice & Speech,

3) Improvisation,

4) Character & Characterization,

5) Major Acting Styles,

6) Scene Work for Ancient Drama, Classical Drama,

7) Modern Realistic Pattern.

All students of 'Parados to Stage' will be participating in our upcoming shows. The maximum intake of participants will be limited; therefore interested artists please enroll & book your place right away.

During Workshop


Weekend Batch

Starts on 11th Aug 2018 / 1st Sep 2018

Ends on  16th  Dec 2018 / 30th Dec 2018

Duration : 4 months (includes time that will be used for rehearsals for the production)
Timing : Sat & Sun 10:00AM to 1:00PM
Faculty in charge : Mr Shashi Bhushan Chaturvedi / Mr. Avneesh Mishra
Guest Faculties : Mr Benjamin Gilani,
Mr Sudhir Pandey,
Mr Hemant Pandey,
Mr Suneel Sinha,
Mr Atul Srivastava &
Mr Amod Bhatt

The participants will be taught the nitty-gritty of theatre and acting. To know our students experience visit our Student's Comments section.

To get regular updates about the workshop please visit & like our FB page Rangshila .

Students Reviews

Vandana Bhushan

Rangshila Parados to Stage Workshop has pushed me out of my comfort zone and extracted a palette of emotions that I never thought I was capable of expressing. It's been a brilliant adventure. Interestingly, as a kid I watched my first Play in this very Auditorium, Mysore Association and have been in love with Theatre ever since. I would have never imagined that I would one day begin my theatrical journey in this very place. For me its a dream come true, an item struck off my bucket lis

Suyash Joshi

Got the privilege to work in Raja Master and Teesvi Shatabdi and then Tathastu (Parados to stage) . It was great fun and learning at the same time. I think doing a workshop with Mr. Avneesh Mishra can help an actor immensely cause if you are willing to learn he will leave no stone unturned.

Shonita Joshi

An actor's dream is a risky affair, often involving a plunge into unknown realms. Rangshila provides that rare assurance, with the instructors giving their all into imparting the students with wholesome and pragmatic learning which is more than the money invested. Rangshila provided me a mirror but also the confidence to look at it and work on it. My first step and the best start I could ask for

Varun Kulkarni

Rangshila has been such a great support system for me as an Actor, its beyond words! Joining Rangshila has instilled tremendous confidence in me. Learning at Rangshila has fine tuned the physical and theoretical knowledge of theatre! Performing Art is considered king here and I feel every Actor, new or experienced should be a part of this amazing experience!.

Pooja Krishnani

Being a part of the Rangshila 'Parados to Stage' Workshop has been a journey of discovering myself as an actor. In this instant age, it only makes you realize that becoming an actor is a process by itself. It actually helped me understand the importance of Improvisation, power of observation, Magical 'If' to be able to evolve as an actor. I will always be indebted to our Mentors Avneesh Mishra and Shashi Chaturvedi for being an integral part of my journey of self discovery as an actor.

Nidhi Singh

The workshop introduced me to the world of theatre which was completely unknown to me. With experienced and cordial mentors the learning became much more easy and fun. At the end of three months, I not only knew the nitty gritties of the theatre world but was also introduced to a new me.

Heena Sharma

It will twist your mind and bend your perceptions in ways that an ordinary layman cannot fathom. The ride was fun, tough, demanding and intimate. And above all, the experience was worth having it!